Lithuanian "Europe"


It is possible to visit the whole of Europe in one day - in Jonava district! Lithuanian villages of London, Paris, Switzerland and Venice are only a few kilometers away. And these names are not a joke for locals concerned about increasing emigration - their history dates back a couple of hundred years. It is believed that such names were given to their lands by landowners returning from wanderers to foreign lands, noticing certain similarities: the settlement on the hill overlooking the deep Neris Valley was named Switzerland, the name of Venice was "attached" to a village constantly suffering from spring floods.


The settlement on the left bank of the Neris is called Paris. Here are the traces of the Varpiai Stone Age camp. Walking around the surroundings, you will see a unique feature of the forests - the non-tree-covered areas of the sand dunes, which were formed due to military activities. Lithuanian Paris even has its own Eiffel Tower! The locals call it the fire forest observation tower, which offers views of the forests and the Neris loop.


This is the name of the village located in Jonava district. This village is located in a wooded area near the Neris, which the Londoners call the Thames. Although London has four homesteads, it has received honorable guests even from the real Britain!


Switzerland can be found in the Jonava district, the settlement stands out for its beautiful natural beauty, which in the past was famous for its manors. 19th century there was only one homestead here. It was this, the owner of the first homestead, who was once most remembered by the Swiss state when traveling around Europe, decided to name the settlement after Switzerland.


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