Veliuona manor


Manor and park . 19th century The monument of classicist architecture of the beginning of the 19th century is the homestead of Veliuona manor. Veliuona Park is located in the former manor. His main focus - from other countries to bring the trees - black and Eastern White Pines, most poplar, oak glaustašakis, Tilia tomentosa, red maple, European larch two rare gelsvažiedžiai t ulpmedžiai (25 m in height and 76-80 cm in diameter and bloom in June).

About the 16th century. in the middle \ Sigismund Augustus wrote the townB. Radvilaitei. The manor was later ruled by Queen B ona Sforca. 18th c. When the Poniatowski got into trouble with the tsar in cooperation with Napoleon, the manor was handed over to the Zaleckis. They built a wooden Classicist-style manor house here and planted a park. 1909 the manor was bought by P. Vakselis. After World War I, there was a primary school, a secondary school, and now there is a museum of local lore. After the restoration of independence, the manor was regained by the heir Vakselytė-Švarc.


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