The town of Vepriai is picturesque and mysterious. The town is located on a pit pounded by a meteorite. Therefore, it is full of wonders created by nature itself: mounds, floating islands, streams, lakes. In the center of the town there is Lake Vepriai, which is surrounded by legends, and St. Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary. This town is famous for its Calvary, which has immortalized the way of Christ's suffering.

Boars are proud of Kalvarija, located in a beautiful and picturesque place - between Lake Vepriai and the river Šventoji. It is stated that the emergence of the Calvary was influenced by the conflict between the parishes of Upninkai (Jonava district) and Vepriai in the middle of the 19th century. After the Russians closed the ruined Upninkai church, the Vilnius diocese ordered the entire inventory to be handed over to the people of Vepri. The Upninkians disagreed. The property was then taken by force. There was a riot. The losing Upninkians refused to attend the Vepriai Church. Therefore, the idea arose to tilt them to their side in founding Calvary.

They were first bypassed in 1846. The length of this cross road is 5.5 km. The current Calvary complex consists of a church, 35 stations of the Way of the Cross, various chapel pillars and crosses, wooden and iron gates. The Cedron stream flows through the Calvary and is considered sacred, miraculous. Calvary is frequented by pilgrims, especially on Pentecost weekends.

Boar in the flag of the town symbolizes the name of the town, derived from the Baltic word boar.

The elder of Vepriai eldership told a legend about the name of the town. “In the old days, the devil carried a stone. When the roosters sang, he lost that stone. The stone has been glowing in an unusual voice for a long time. A nobleman of Slavic origin who rode past once asked him in Polish: "Co kšičeš, jak wiepše?" - "What are you shouting like a boar?" The stone stopped in a mask. Hence, guessed his name. From this word "wiepše" came the Boar.

Boar Meteorite Crater Currently, up to 200 impact craters have been found in the world, formed by meteorites hitting the Earth's surface. These craters are exceptional, geological structures of cosmic origin, witness to geological history and economically valuable mineral reservoirs. So far, two impact craters have been found in the territory of Lithuania: Vepriai crater and Mizarai crater near Druskininkai, buried under a sedimentary cover. The diameter of the boar meteorite crater is about 8 km. It was discovered in 1978. when extremely high pressure rocks are detected in a well. According to the age of the sediment, the meteorite was found to have fallen 150 to 160 million years ago. the crater was covered with sediment, so data on the crater and its rocks are now only available from boreholes. The Boar Crater is the largest meteorite crater discovered in Lithuania. There is a chance to find diamonds in the boar crater.


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